Face-ing the Facts{A new series!}

I tend to get a lot of emails about my face. More specifically regarding my makeup and skin secrets. And well, until now I never felt compelled to share. Mostly because it didn’t seem too interesting.

Then I think about how as a little girl, my mother would go to work Monday through Friday. Every morning she had her routine. The routine in which she would leave the house slightly later than we did and apply her makeup flawlessly within minutes. I, with wide eyes of amazement, would sit on the toilet seat and watch. I was in-love with how beautiful she was without and with. As a child, even as a teen, I found myself enraptured every morning, every makeup application. As an adult, I sit here, close my eyes, and I can smell her perfume, I clearly remember the way she applied her liquid foundation, then her powdered. It seems like a movie with smell-a-cam installed. It’s always beautiful.

When I moved back to New York from Virginia (another story), I was about to begin my senior year in high school and I was feeling as self conscious as a 16 year old teen coming into a city with the insecurity of Vitiligo can be. bomb dropped. :0 By the time I was 16, the vitiligo on my face was mostly gone. Just like the doctor promised more than 8 years prior when Vitiligo reared it’s not-so pretty head (disclaimer: I don’t know why my Vitiligo reversed or why I have it. It’s something I am looking into more, but I must say my diet is completely different than when I was child and I was super stressed then. I will share as I find out more). My mom, being the mind reader she was 😉 knew my fears, even though I was afraid and slightly embarrassed to express them. She took me to Mac located in downtown Brooklyn at Macys. From then on, Mac..makeup in general and I had a love thing goin’ on.

As I’ve gotten older, I have developed my own little tricks, tailored to my skin and my personal insecurities. The Vitiligo is completely gone from my face, and I have learned more about my face and makeup along the way. Mostly, cutting back… feeling natural, mostly natural.

I am so excited to share this aspect of my life with you all. All of this will be hashed out in my newest series: Face-ing the Facts.

Hope you all enjoy and have fun this weekend!

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