Face-ing the facts [no soap solution]

So here it is the first installment to my newest series. No soap solution.

Truth is I don’t use soap on my face. There it is! I am an anti-soap face freak and have been for a while now. I have tried different soaps in the past but almost all of them dry my skin out and seem to damage it.

When I remove my makeup or if I am just washing my face in the morning warm water and a steamy rag does the trick. I never feel my skin is dry nor oily after. All the dirt and makeup gets removed so easily and my skin feels clean and wonderful.

After not using soap on my face for some time I did some research and it’s actually pretty common to go without soap on your face. In most cases it is suggested, especially when you are removing your makeup.

Note: I do use soap to wash my hands before I wash my face, and I do use soap to clean the rest of my body.;)

Here are some links and some other great makeup removers if you fancy.
wipes are easy
This article has a bit more info on it
This article is good too
Marie Claire is spilling some face washing secrets

If you are soap free on your face share some of your secrets if you’d like!

Have a great weekend!

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