Day 3 on Tea

It’s actually day four but day three sounded so much better, and well speaking honestly this blog post was written on day three. Carry on.

So this anti-coffee journey started pretty randomly. I didn’t plan on cutting coffee out of my life like an ex who picked his nose on the first date. That happens. And just like that – my coffee free days also happened. As most of my coffee snob friends decided to bring more fancy coffee in this new year I decided to cut back just one cup a day. So from two to one I went . Admittedly it was all pretty difficult, and by one c’clock (my usual second coffee time) I was crashing hard core. With River usually napping from 1-3 it was really/almost impossible to avoid that calming hot cup of coffee.

So there went three days, five days, a whole week of unsuccessful coffee cutting.

Then one day…I simply forgot to drink my morning coffee. Then I forgot to drink my afternoon cup. I don’t know if it was the chores that kept me busy, or the invigorating feeling of energy sans caffeine..but I felt great.

When day two rolled around, trying another day without coffee just seemed right. Plus we had a plethora of teas that were gifted to us that I have been excited to try.

So here we are, day three (eh hem day four) and two cups of tea with just a little sugar has been doing the trick. I still get the slight caffeine rush I need to get my day jump started, but I don’t get that crash. And friends, a day without a coffee crash is a good day. Can I get an amen?!

I’ve already gotten some great tea ideas from friends, but if you want to share some homemade goodness please share.

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