shhh… don’t tell River

I’ve been secretly going Christmas shopping for River here and there. My most recent trip was to a sample sale that included some of my favorite designers. Designers that usually hurt my itty bitty pocket. I started to pick up and purchase clothing for a 12-18 month toddler when it hit that River will be two in about three weeks after Christmas! woah. So of course, I had no choice but to buy 2T clothing this time around. This year we do not plan on going all out for River. We learned our lesson last year. River received almost two of everything, and we are still paying for it. Our project for this week is actually to empty out some of her toys. Every time I complain about River having too much, my complaints are ignored. 😉 So this year I’m preparing.

“Santa” has a little bit more shopping to do, including a trip to a thrift store. Yes, River will have thrift store Christmas gifts this year too. I’m in search of a baby doll bed for this baby lover of ours.

What’s on your holiday gift list?

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