Sakura Bloom-Sling Diaries: Discovery

 {photo heavy ;)}

When I chose to be a mom, there wasn’t a plan involved. I knew I would love this person. 
How much? No clue. Then I gave birth. In an instant my heart grew three times, my love for her-unmeasurable-my life made sense.
I chose to be a mama on the move. One who would explore, one who would discover. I vowed not only to discover the wonders of motherhood, but to discover the girl I used to be and the woman I wanted to be. All the while having my wide eyed sweet baby in tow. Almost two years later… my discoveries have yet to cease. My big girl… still attached at my hip.
In the midst of our discoveries over these years, our love for our home in New York City has grown tremendously. Most of our days and nights are spent visiting some of our favorite places, and falling in-love with new places. If I had to choose what I love about motherhood most, it would be that. 
No matter how many times we ride the ferry, no matter how many times we visit Jane’s Carasoule to ride the horses or chase the geese, it still feels new to River Mae. It’s like she’s discovering it all for the first time. I simply stand there in fascination. I love that wondrous wide eye girl so!

I can’t believe I am halfway done with my Sakura Bloom Sling Diary photo project.
It’s been so amazing. You can see my other entries on their Pinterest page.

Thank you Peter for taking most of these lovely photos.

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