Family Style

Family Style is a new series on this blog. Lately it has been difficult to get just photos of myself, since we all are rollin’ pretty deep quite often. So Family Style just seemed fitting. Sometimes it will include just River and I, and sometimes all three. Peter isn’t super into fashion, but I think his dorky, sometimes cool clothes might be appealing for some. Of course I already think it’s super cute. 😉

Tomorrow is New Years Eve! Wow!  I kind of/sort of can’t believe it. This year kind of swooped passed me, and I feel like I say this every year… maybe I do. We will be driving back to New York from Maryland tomorrow; so of course we will be too tired to go out and celebrate the new year. Another year will greet us in our comfy home, on our comfy couch. 
In the meantime I think this outfit of mine deserves an explanation. Shall we?
So, if I had to sum up my travel clothes this time around it would be wrinkly, easy, and whatever I could fit into my suitcase at 1 am. Really, what could you expect from me a day after Christmas, a couple of days before the new year, and two weeks before River’s birthday?! The stylist in me is severely disappointed in me. The mama in me is like “girl give yourself a break, you deserve it!”
And on another note, my hair has a mind of it’s own lately. I’m one more bad haircut away from chopping it all off again. 

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