I sit here, child free, house empty, attempting to study and write two finals. My eyes start to tear, my heart suddenly feels heavy, the Word document that needs to be filled out by Wednesday, still left blank. My mind can only think of one thing.

No parent should ever have to bury their child. That’s not how this world should be. Over the past couple of days Peter and I have discussed every way to keep River out of hurt, harm, or danger. Homeschooling, no friends, no trips. Crazy things. Because, I don’t want to have to ever feel that sort of pain.

Truth is, this world we live in seems scary. I want my daughter to feel the love she feels within our walls, within our arms, every-single-day; even when she’s physically not. I want her to have faith in humans, have faith in love, to keep that innocence that makes her so beautiful. I don’t want her to be an untrusting soul…like her mama. I want her to always believe in this world and feel it’s love. And I hope for myself it comes back soon.

My heart and prayers goes to the families who were affected by the tragedy in Connecticut. We love you all.


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