Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

Christmas is in four days! Four days! And with finals just ending, with work invoices that need to be sent out, trip scheduling, and a few things here and there, there is still lots of shopping to be done. The feeling of catch-up is a nagging one. But, as soon as I get overwhelmed with all my duties, I look at our tree. It’s still up and as bright and full of jolly as ever. When we brought it home almost a month ago, it signified that my favorite holiday was almost here. And when it comes down, it’ll mean that another season has come and gone. 
But, our tree is still up! Which means, this mama has time to finish the rest of her shopping, bake some more cookies, and attempt to watch Home Alone, without judging that poor mother for leaving her kid behind while they went off to France. 
Merry Christmas!!

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