All I want for Christmas….

Are these two.  Always

 It’s offi-cially Christmas. And I offi-cially feel like the sworn in Christmas count down person-er (whoever that is). Peter and I just finished wrapping up each and every gift and we felt like little sneaky elves the entire time. By the looks of it, River has been quite good this year. Or Santa just favors her. 😉

I snapped these photos of my two loves on Christmas Eve. Our morning was really relaxing as always, but as I was quietly sipping my morning coffee I heard persistent giggles from River’s room. I peeked over the coffee table and there they were. Laughing and having their own game of “You’ve got a monkey on your back!! Where is it?!”. Those two are always hilarious together.

 After looking at the photos my mind could only wonder. We have been blessed this year. We have not fallen, but when we’ve slipped, we have had family to help us and hold us. We know, and are reminded everyday that many people don’t get to live the lives we live. Or get to have carefree moments such as these.

I want to celebrate this year knowing that despite the need to buy, buy, buy only to give and see happiness for a moment, if we were stripped away of all our monies, we would still be this celebratory. This happy. I want to celebrate this Christmas knowing that in reality it isn’t about the gifts you get today, but about the gift of love we give each other in our good times and bad. It’s about these moments.

So today I give you all the love I have for you. For reading this blog, for following along and sending emails and comments. I love you.

Merry Christmas!!

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