A New Year…

….hopefully new successful resolutions
I am usually not the type to make resolutions. I never felt it necessary, and maybe that’s because I’ve never been the type to follow through. This year is different for me. 
I want to be the person that starts living through her resolutions at 12 am on the dot. 2012 was great to us and for us. We became an indepednet family unit. We were no longer considered young parents who needed assistance, but respoonsible adults who thought things trhough and sometimes succededd and sometimes not. Either way, it was all good ride, but most importantly humbling. 
In 2013 among the many resolutions that seem too silly to write down or say aloud, the one that stands out the most is being a more patient wife. I love Peter with every ounce in my bone, with every fiber in my being, and we both have our good and bad qualities. My job as a wife is to help and be patient in the bad. I want to be better at that for him and for myself in the new year. I’m sure it will not only make us an even happier couple, but happier parents and a better example of what a successful marriage is. 
What’s your New Years resolution? 
Be safe my friends and Happy New Year!!! 

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