You are exactly 23 months today. One month away from your second birthday. In one more month I can no longer count the months. This is a hard pill to swallow my dear girl.
Time has definitely robbed me, and here I am with my hands in the air wondering where did my baby go. Many life changes have occurred in the last 23 months but all I can really remember is loving her. It has been the best 23 months ever. I did not expect to love this little person as much as I continue to do more and more every single day. There is something so humbling in knowing that you are raising a sweet, smart, and beautiful person for this world. She “sings” to every jingle, requests “choclat” during every classic movie, kisses her baby dolls so sweetly and gently as if they were real, and oh..those hugs-they are the best! She is more than I imagined and I feel beyond lucky to be her mama. 

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