The great Christmas tree excursion

On Tuesday night I had the craziest and probably my most absurd idea I’ve had to date. It was to go see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree get lit. That absurd idea, did not hold a candle to the idea that went along with it. That one was that we would also get to see pre-Christmas tree lighting performances by celebrity musicians. Crazy right? What’s worse is I didn’t stop for a second to think about how outrageous I was being, nor did that man of mine check me the entire time I was concocting this mess of an idea.

I ended up in the heart of 30 Rock around 5:30pm, exactly an hour and a half before the festivities would begin. To my surprise (then), there wasn’t an actual view of the tree. Just a big jumbo screen. boo hoo.

So there I went, after standing for an hour in a group of hundreds, back to the sane streets of the beautifully lit midtown to meet my husband and baby who had thankfully arrived late.

With one failed attempt down, we walked down the block to Magnolia’s Bakery for cheesecake and happiness. Seriously you guys, that vanilla bean cheesecake is pure happiness. And since we like to do things backwards and silly like; we headed back to Brooklyn for dinner. Yes dinner after cheesecake.

After a yummy turkey dinner at our favorite place in Williamsburg, I still had not given up Christmas tree hope. With a friends suggestion on the cutest Christmas tree stand within walking distance from our restaurant, I convinced Peter that we could still have our Christmas tree fun that we hoped for in the earlier part of that night.

The cute corner Christmas tree stand was like being in a tiny Christmas tree farm in Brooklyn. Christmas tree shopping all of sudden became this event, and totally kicked my original and failed idea’s butt. Our 7foot tree is now home, and is more beautiful than I ever did imagine, and that smell…mmm that smell. I love the smell of Christmas in the city.

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