I’ve spent the latter part of the day thinking about what I am thankful for this time around. My life is totally different than last year, and if I was to break down this year’s the list of “Thankfulness” it would go on and on. Most of you know about everything that has been going on, but there is also much more of my personal life that doesn’t get talked about much on here. One being my childhood.

Many people take the gift of electricity, food, and clothing for granted. For me, that’s impossible. I grew up with three brothers, a sister, a single mom, and a dad who came and went as he pleased (sometimes years and months in-between). We had hard times. My mom worked tirelessley to raise us kids the best she could with little to no help. I love you mommy. As a child, I was oblivious. As an adult, I am aware and extremely proud of that beautiful mom of mine.  I don’t talk about this often because I always choose to lead with a new and happier step. That being said, I am thankful for it all; the easy and the difficult parts. Sometimes, I find myself grateful to tears.

The other day as I was swinging on the swings with my big girl, I laughed, she laughed, and I felt complete. Life has come full circle. Without that childhood, I wouldn’t be the mom I am today. Again, here I am..thankful to tears. I get to choose my path, have a say in hers, I get to love my best friend hard, and I know that this my friends, isn’t something that is given to everyone.

So my friends, I am thankful for it all. I am one lucky girl, and I am reminded everyday by your sweet comments, my beautiful family, and my amazing friends.

I am not cooking this year (woohooo!) We will be eating lots of turkey. mac & cheese, pies, collard greens, and cakes at my moms house this year. It’ll feel good and taste good too. I hope you all have an amazing holiday.

Next week I’ll be back with a style post, plenty of pictures of our thanksgiving and much more regular posting. Have a safe holiday!

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