Sling Diaries {Changing Seasons}:Connection

Tuesday was a big day. Not only for the world but for my little Brooklyn family. It was our first time voting as a couple and as a family, and I was full of excitement and jitters. To think that years ago, us voting, us being happily and proudly together as a family, was unaccepted terrifies me; it also makes me beyond proud of our country’s growth and acceptance. As we went on that long walk to cast our ballots on that chilly Tuesday morning, I couldn’t help but jump between completely smitten, and a grateful, crying mess. There stood my beautiful baby girl, clinging onto my handsome husband. They didn’t notice me and my emotions, but I sure did notice them. I stood behind the lens, shying away from Peter’s urges to join in. Truthfully, I just wanted to admire in amazement. The connection between this white man, and his half black daughter is undeniably and honestly amazing. He listens to her every word and babble, he kisses her “ouchies”, he cuddles her to sleep, and he votes not for himself but for her, to ensure she has all the opportunities and more in this world of ours. On Tuesday, we were proud to be an interracial couple in America. Today and forever, we… our families, will always be connected.

This post is my second of six posts I will be doing for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries {Changing Seasons}.
I am wearing a simple silk sling in amber.
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