Evidence of a happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was pretty awesome. It was quiet, relaxing, and pretty easy...for me.

This is what we did:
We watched the parade on t.v all morning in our pajamas.
I made a huge breakfast, and River and I did some turkey art (pictured above).
After naps, we headed to my mom’s house where she outdid herself per usual!
In true LaTonya fashion I stuffed my face and forgot to take pictures of our set up. Just know, it was delicious and beautiful. My stomach can attest to it.
The highlight of the day was listening to River and her cousins play basketball down the hall. She kept up with the boys..even chasing them at times. Their laughter was contagious, and us adults were overjoyed at the sound of it.

I hope you all had a safe, loving, and fulfilling Thanksgiving. Now, onto Christmas!!! I am SO excited! We’ve already made River’s list, and I am collecting lists from our families. This week I’ll be purchasing some cool wrapping paper (we’ve decided not to go the traditional route this year in terms of paper), and some vintage ornaments. Christmas has always been a huge deal in my family, and how foolish would I be to not uphold the family tradition. 😉

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