Black and White, Just Right!

So, the other day I headed to the Lower East Side to wonder around in the black snow with River Mae and a friend. Remember when I said “white fluffy stuff”? Yeah, that doesn’t exist in New York. I was on another “I don’t live in a city where snow gets plowed away the night before, and becomes dirt, garbage, and pee piles” memo. Anyway, in my altered state I decided to take a visit to Sugar Sweet Sunshine  which was recommended by my friend Belle. Sugar Sweet Sunshine is a cupcake filled heaven! They had this cupcake there called Black and White, Just right. I immediately giggled. I went back to that teenage girl in me. “That’s my kind of cupcake” I said, with this ridiculous girly smile I tend to get every time I say a smart remark. Yup, there’s that 23 reminder.

I left that cute and cozy shop with three cupcakes, two sugar cookies, and a lot of happy. (Don’t you judge me) 😉 This week I’ve been dreaming of those cupcakes. My dreaming is only perpetuated by the fact that my dear husband insisted I take a long nap after my day trip to Sugar Sweet Sunshine; by the time I woke up later that day all of my goodies were gone!!

I guess there is no actual point of this ramble except for the fact that I like black and white cupcakes, black and white clothing, and a particular black and white couple that have a daughter named River Mae.

Oh, the one bite I did get to taste (of the cupcake) was just delightful!

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