A Glimpse into our lives lately

The other night I came home after a a long day of work. Despite the car sickness from a bad taxi driver and despite the tiredness that seemed to consume my body, my heart was happy coming home. I walked into my apartment full of the anxious excitement I get every time I am about to see my family after a long day of work. I often find myself talking about River Mae so much at work, it’s kind of hard not to miss that sweet face. As I cracked open the door in anticipation to surprise my sweet girl, there was a stillness in the house. Apparently, nap ran over..way over, and River Mae was still sound asleep. I kissed my husband, whose legs were comfortably propped up on our vintage coffee table with the usual scene of a computer on his lap, and a beer by the side of his left leg. We kissed and embraced as I explained how much I missed “my two”. As I tiptoed to my room, and past the room of my sweet sleeping baby, I heard a soft whisper. As I was quickly changing into my house clothes, the whisper gradually grew louder. The sound of that familiar, yet oh-so humbling name made my heart smile.

“Mommy?” Mommy?!” Mommy?!!”

Oh, how my ears could never tire of the sound of her calling me by my new name. The name I am so happy to embrace, but was quite nervous to in the beginning of this journey.

My house clothes on, there I went, swiftly to River’s room. I leaned over, picked my smiling girl out of her big girl bed and happily and confidently said; “Mommy’s home, and I missed you so much!”

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