Sakura Bloom-Sling Diaries:Delight

Lately, when I sit and stare at River I start to get a deep lump in my throat, and I often find myself holding back a tear or two. She will be two in January, and like I’ve told everyone who would listen, I don’t know how she’s gotten so big so fast. I am quite certain that baby wearing River gives me that sense of “I still have my baby” feeling that I need so much lately. When I hold her close, she doesn’t whine, whimper, or even attempt to get out of her mama’s tight love hold. Her lack of resistance always feels so good.

The other night, while enjoying the fall chill, River Mae and I enjoyed one of our favorite night time treats. That night, that petite waffle with “straw bees” (according to River), and lots of whip cream tasted much better than I remember. We bickered a little about who could finish the last bite, and well… River won. 😉

Nights like that also give me the comfort that I need about River almost turning two. To think that just a few months ago nights spent dipping our faces into breakfast food topped with sugar,  weren’t possible. Despite being a wee bit overtired, and a little bit sugar strung, we hopped on the train with smiles from ear to ear and our tummies and spirits were delighted. That’s what I want her to remember, moments like that, when all the “rules” went out the door, and all that mattered was happiness.

This post is one of six posts I will be doing for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries {Changing Seasons}.
I am wearing a Sakura Bloom Simple Silk sling in Amber.
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