……”It’s” meaning us. Just thought I’d get into the holiday spirit here. 🙂 

I’ve been away from blogging for a couple of days now, and oh how I miss it so! So much has been going on over here in the Staubs’ house, and truthfully it’s all hard to sum into one teeny post. The difficulty is equivalent to me stuffing apartment searching, a huge food shopping, a deep house clean, a two page paper, and friend and family time all in one day. Not entirely impossible, but it sure did make this mama a bit crazy for one day. Lesson learned. uh hugh. Despite that little bit of chaos all is well and we are happy. I think it’s sometimes way too easy to get down on things. Lately, that’s been me. I’m taking tomorrow off of everything completely-for once, to spend some quality city time with my sweet girl who finds beauty in everything. I wish I was like her in that way more. The other day we randomly ended up in Rockefeller Center and all River said was “wooowwwww!” “woooowwwww!” as she stared at the lights and the graceful and not-so graceful ice skaters. That made me feel so good, but more importantly it taught me that all the chaos doesn’t really matter. She does. And her happiness does. And all of the extra stuff is just silly. 🙂

So here’s to a good Sunday to all of you. I hope you take a moment to just stand and look around in amazement… it’s just beautiful I tell you.

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