Favorites of Fall..so far

Rain, layers, and rain covers

I could seriously wear booties almost every day. 
Not feeling the swings. Apparently the weather can’t change prefrences.
I cooked like it was Thanksgiving the other night. Too soon? Too soon? I think not.
Fall equals more cuddles in bed. I love it.

I’m currently watching reruns of Sex and the City. Mostly fall and winter episodes from years and years ago. As cheesy as it might sound, this show still inspires me. Speaking of being inspired, my spirit has been pretty ambitious lately. So ambitious that I’ve cut back to only 10 hours of work a week and the rest of the days-not spent with River, I will be working from home. Work won’t just be the blog, but in other exciting ways too. I know it’s yet another change, but change is always good. I’ve quickly come to realize not many people get the opportunity to work from home and have some sort of income and if not income, just get to live their dreams. I’m thankful for all of my opportunities and every day I get to spend at home and watch River grow into a little lady, and really I could just burst with excitement. I’m working out all of the kinks of this new venture this week, and just to hear and feel the support from all of my family friends is just what I needed.

And because I’m in a good mood, I’ll drop a line from one of my all time favorite shows..

  “but of course, American?”
     “New Yorker!”


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