A Glimpse into our lives lately

Photos taken this morning on my iPhone

1.River cleaning her dishes
2.Taking a photo of them as he takes a photo of me
3. About to fall asleep on the job
4. Passed out in the middle of a dance session

Today just doesn’t feel like a Friday to me. It feels more like a Saturday in this house. Peter will be on set all weekend long, and I’m back to the grind of work and school on Monday, so it only makes sense to squeeze in as much family time as possible today. 🙁 We spent the morning dancing, laughing, and making River say “Straw B!” (strawberry) more times than I’d like to admit. Peter actually suggested that we name our second baby “Straw B” since we like the sound of River saying it so much. haha hmm..I’m not quite sold on it yet. 😉
Anyway, I hope your Friday is treating you well, and your weekend will be even better. Since the hubs isn’t around this weekend, someone will have to pry me away from buying a crap load of vintage chunky scarfs and beanies! This chilly weather is bringing on a thrifting urge I’ve just got to beat.

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