What mama wears {Work edition & quick work update}

 We snapped these quick photos before I was on my way out for work one morning. Of course, that ridiculously scrumptious, morning face daughter of mine, decided to crash the photos. Look at that smile!

This is what I normally wear to work. Well, not this of course, but dressy casual-if you will. Even though I do mostly admin stuff, I work with kids and in a super chill environment with pretty laid back owners. So there was no need for me to purchase new garments for my newest position. I don’t work often(15-25 hrs a week), so when I do go in, I try my best to incorporate a pair of heels in my outfit. Before I had River Mae I used to wear heels almost everyday to work, and honestly, I miss it a bit. There is just something about a good pair of heels that makes little ol’ me feel all fancy. Also, did I mention that I get to wear just socks at work most times? YEAH! Since I work in a play space, some areas of my job are socks only. And since part of my job is checking on the play area, I get to wear comfy and cozy socks for  hours at a time. Work, you are wonderful.

Though I am loving my dressy casual style as of lately, I think I would like to dress up a bit more. You know, just for the experience? I’ve never had a job where I had to, and every time I am on the morning rush hour train, with all those corporate folk, I feel so inspired. I can’t wait to see how my work style evolves.

P.S Do you guys have any good blog reads you would like to recommend?  I am constantly shifting between the same three or four blogs and I would love to add more.

Footnote: I blurred out River’s chest and wrote the blogs web address because I felt more comfortable that way. I don’t plan on doing this with every photo, just the ones where I feel like she’s over exposed (I’ve cropped the photo in the past, but just didn’t want to crop this cute one). And I know, she doesn’t have much, okay, she doesn’t have anything, but one day she will, and she might hate me for posting her naked cute booty. I think it would be much more funny to wait until she’s 16 and brings her first boyfriend home to meet me. Right?

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