To my sister

Today, you made me cry, I’ve realized something about you that I’ver never had the honor of realizing before, you are absolutely, positively, breathtakingly amazing. Of course, no one seems to think much of their siblings, except the usual I love you/you get on my nerves routine, but today I see you in a whole new light. We’re only 14 months apart, and many times I refer to you as my twin-the person who I would want to raise my children if God forbid anything would happen to me. You always give and never ask for anything, you love with every bone and drop of blood you have, and hate none. When I was pregnant and confused, you gave me the support I needed and never waivered. You told me “I could do this”, when I felt I couldn’t.  When I was 9 months pregnant and stuck in the house with a dead phone, you walked 30 minutes in the New York City snow to make sure I was alright. You ran to the hospital to sit beside me, hold my hand, and give me the support I needed while your niece was born. That’s love, a type of love that few have, that few get to see. I can only hope that one day, even just for a second, I can be just as strong and as genuinely sweet as you continue to be.

I love you- always.
Your little sister,

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