Random thoughts and random photos

The other day when I was walking down a quiet block in Brooklyn I had one of those real life picture memories. It actually started out as a familiar smell, which turned into a memory. I always find it completely scary that a smell can bring up a memory that seemed to be hidden until that very moment. I started to remember my childhood, my father- who’s no longer here. I started to think of how much I’ve changed, and how much my life has transformed since I met Peter and moved back to New York when I was 17 from a short stint in Virginia (I moved around a lot as a kid, but was born and mostly raised in New York). As sad as that memory made me, I was thankful in the end. Thankful for the husband I am blessed with, the one who’s such a good provider, father, and all around amazing person. We don’t have everything, but we do not want for anything-we are content with a simple life, and that my friends is a good feeling, a unbelievable feeling…liberating.

Enjoy your weekend friends!

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