One big happy girl, one bummed young mama

Photo taken on my iPhone during a quick lunch

She’s growing up, and I’m freaking out. Yes, it’s true. Most moms that I know are happy about their child coming into their own, gaining a bit of independence, and are ready to let go a bit. Not me.  I find myself constantly asking “What happened to my baby?”, then I usually end up crying. It’s embarrassing, I know. She’ll be two in four months, and Peter and I can totally feel it. The sassiness is there, but the independence, and love for all the younger babies and her “babies” is also evident. I remember rolling my eyes at the frequent comment;”they grow up so fast”. They do, she has, and it’s breaking my heart. With her getting a little older, her relationship with Peter has also gotten a lot stronger, which possibly causes me to feel even more unneeded. I’m sure this is just a mommy phase, but darn this one is hard. I’m excited to finally be excited about her independence and her growing up. Oh, and if you happen to be going through the same mommy phase, DON’T WATCH THE BIRTH VIDEO! Totally didn’t help…lesson learned.

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