New York City

Earlier today during River’s outside stroller nap, and as I watched all the boats from the ferry pull in and out, taking passengers to their destinations, I found myself wondering about all those people who are only a few steps away from their home; the ones who live in the $1,000,000 privately owned apartments sitting nicely on the edge (yikes). I also started to remember how this particular part of Brooklyn wasn’t the nicest not too many years ago. It’s obvious times have clearly changed, many Manhattan singles have moved into Brooklyn and created their own families, and they have also created a larger than life, expensive neighborhood. I have no plans to ever move into those apartments, nor do I think I could afford to buy one any time soon. But witnessing this earlier today, made me eagerly want to discuss a subject with Peter.

Many of my friends continue to move and pay less rent for larger spaces. Most of them have multiples, and like myself wanted the whole shebang…you know, the backyard, the 3+ bedroom apartment with hardwood floors and lots of light. Places like that are hard to get..actually, impossible to get in New York, unless you make triple times your $3,000 + rent. With all that said, the question that continues to come up in mine and Peter’s conversations is this: “Can we afford to live here and expand our family?”. Funnily enough, this post on apartment therapy came out right in time! It didn’t’ answer any of our questions immediately, but it sure did make us think long and hard. If you live in a expensive city, how long can you keep it up?

Our answer was this; we can’t imagine spending our insane amount of rent on any other apartment, in any other part of the world. So for now, we will take it year by year, child by child.


Footnote: That bugaboo bee is a God send. Not one hour, but two hour naps in that bad boy!

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