First family bike ride

On Sunday we had our first bike ride as a family. Peter and I used to bike together as a couple pretty often. It was always our plan to keep it up, and to be one of those Sunday cruisin’ kind of families. But things changed, my bike got stolen, Peter’s was locked up in his cousin’s basement (his cousin moved to New Orleans part time and took the bike key with him), and ya know, other things…like having a baby just seemed more important. 
We chose the perfect chilly day to have our first bike ride. It was beautiful! In between riding we stopped to pick up a few things, fueled up for brunch, let River nap in the Ergo, and grabbed more good food and do some light shopping at Smorgesburg on the water. I haven’t been on a bike in about 21/2 years (I stopped riding when I was like 6 months pregnant) so lets just say I got in a great work out. 😉 We actually rode about five miles in total, a lot of it was uphill-which made me shed a tear..or two. whip?. yes.  River loved riding with her papa, Peter loved having her so close, and I just enjoyed every minute we got to spend together riding side by side, even if it meant breaking a sweat, and having my thighs feel like they were on fire. 😉

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