A Smoothie Holiday

Instead of going out and getting ourselves in all sorts of Labor Day trouble this year, we decided to be boring and make sweet, delicious smoothies. Though we both recognize the holiday, and honor it, for us, this year was more about catching up on everything we didn’t get to do the prior week. eh hem- deep cleaning. During our cleaning breaks, we satisfied our sweet tooth’s with a couple of mason jars full of this tasty banana, apple, and strawberry smoothie. Also between our breaks, we decided we are hiring a house cleaner to come at least once a week to relieve us of the deep clean sessions. Work, school, business managing, freelancing, toddler…we had to choose to let go of something eventually right?  (score)

This is what you’ll need:
10oz fresh organic strawberries (with the stem removed)
2 organic ripe bananas
1 skinned, cored, and sliced Fuji apple
3 tablespoons pure honey
3/4 cup greek yogurt
1 cup ice cubes


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