A few thrifted things

I’d like to share a few things I’ve thrifted in the past few days with you. I’ve been outrageously motivated by my job’s new weekend wardrobe requirements  We now have a black and white with pops of color (orange, yellow, red etc) color code for our weekend events. I’m actually super excited about it, hence my new thrift finds. Obviously more leopard is making it’s way in. Okay, a lot of leopard is making it’s way in. 😉 I’ve always tried to imagine what would I wear if I had to work in a place with a dress code, it was a challenge I’ve always welcomed with open arms. My job isn’t strict at all. Actually, the dress code isn’t really a code, just a idea that was thrown out there in a meeting. An idea I’m excited to take on. 
We bought that rug at the flee market last weekend during our bike ride. I believe it’s from Iran, it’s just stunning if you ask me. I’ve sort of slowed down on thrifting for our home, because we’ve both realized we want to eventually move into a garden apartment, and since rent is rapidly rising, we are keeping our eyes pealed. So only pieces that can pick up and go.go.go are allowed in to this place.
I hope your weekend if full with laughter, glitter, and smiles. 

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