I have so much to say, but little time to do so. I snapped this photo as the light from the sun’s rise was creeping through my bedroom. River and Peter were fast asleep, and very well should’ve been as the day we had before was a long one, and a tiring one. When we finally came home last night River fell right asleep and I took the opportunity to nap as well. I asked Peter to wake me up in 20 minutes, as my body was barely keeping up with my mind. He quickly responded with “of course”. Well, I woke up and it was 20 past 4 am. I had laid down at 7. Way past my 20 minute nap. I opened my eyes and rolled over to see my wide armed baby hugging her father, and my wide mouth husband, snoozing away. And there I was, totally confused of how the little one managed to get in our bed and how I managed to over sleep a whole 9 hours. Needless to say, despite my efforts to make my way over to the computer and type up a blog… I couldn’t. The bed was just too comfy, and these two were just too cute. I promise I will have a deeper and better post later this afternoon.

Love you all,

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