Thoughts on Thursday

River received these surprise gifts yesterday. They are from her aunt Emilie (Peter’s sister). River loved all of it; especially the purse. She’s such a little lady. 

It’s Thursday, and usually Thursdays are the days I devote to deep cleaning, and preparing River and I for a full day outing that usually takes place on Fridays. Things will be a bit different this Friday. I’ll be working. Yup, working. Life tends to have this weird way of letting things unfold in a matter of unplanned events. Getting a job was just one of them.

Let me back pedal on how the heck I even have time to take on a part time job. Peter has been freelancing for the past two months now. Freelancing has been nothing less than awesome. To say it bluntly, working for your danm self is a lucrative business. But, there are days… sometimes weeks, between jobs. Financially, it isn’t a problem. When he is working on a job, it’s more than I ever imagined we’d be making as a young family. That said, it has been two years since I’ve had to be with him alone for days and weeks at a time… all- day- long. I begged for days like this, but after a few weeks, it was too much for the both of us. I am a clean freak (hence my business), and Peter is a guys guy. He likes to leave his socks next to the door when he comes in, and his finished beers on the coffee table over night. I’m the type of woman, who needs to vacuum at least once a day. I make sure the dishes are clean and beds are made before I even get to eat breakfast (the nesting faze of pregnancy just never left me). I love my husband to pieces. Truthfully, most times I find I can’t get enough of his love, but all of this day after day has left me a bit out of my comfort zone. (weird Hugh?)

This all started when I agreed to do a closet cleanse and wardrobe styling for a local business mama. During my time cleansing, wardrobe styling, and organizing her closet, we became quite friendly. She’s one of those rare people you find that almost anyone will get along with. As we became more aqcuainted I could see that she was swamped with work. After finishing my three day job with her, I sent a short and sweet text saying “hey, I see that you’re really busy, and I do have some time on my hands, so if you need any help just let me know.” That simple text, steamed rolled into a quick transaction of events. Those transactions led to me getting a part-time job with some fun ladies, and some of the cutest kids in Williamsburg. I did some temp days, just to see if I could handle the load, and if they could handle me.(eh hem) It went amazingly well. The clutters of laughter and sweet gentle baby cries, makes my heart happy. The days and weeks spent working will be short; which will give me enough time to feel like I am doing my own thing, but not enough to miss my very own little one too much. I have peace in knowing that most days, she will be in the comfort of her dad. Others, she will be with a babysitter/friend, who lives just a quick five minute walk from us.

As a creative individual, I was fearful that in some way, a job outside of the comfort of my home would limit my creativity. In the past couple of weeks I’ve realized that the only thing that would ever stop me from being creative is me!

I will continue to fill this little blog with adventures every day. 😉 Wish me luck!

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