Eeep, this post is way overdue. I feel it’s unfair to speak about school in just one post. It’s something that I constantly shift feelings on, and I’m sure in a week or two, a new school post will sound distractingly different.

Well, my Fall semester starts in exactly one day, and my emotions are mixed. Up until yesterday, I was pretty gun-ho on the whole going back to school thing. But then I received the worst email from my advisor. She said that she advised me to take the wrong history course, and the one that I sat in for three whole hours once a week, and the class with the professor who made me secretly cry in the bathroom one too many times didn’t even count. Yeah, so that’s a whole $300 down the tube for the class, and another $400 + in child care costs! Furious doesn’t describe how I felt when I opened that email. I think the worst part was that her email was so unapologetic. “Hi LaTonya, that course is a elective, these are the courses you have to take…… let me know your next step.” Is it too hard to apologize? Obviously there is nothing I can do, the time has come and gone, and here I am, about to attend what I thought would be my last semester (besides the winter intensive course for math and art). Truth is, I can’t afford a  mistake like that again.

Despite all of this, today, I am feeling less mixed and more good about going back to school.  Despite the amount of things I normally have on my plate, school makes me feel complete. Like I am going somewhere, I am doing something, and there is a final goal. I’ve only spent one semester in school without River. And all of those semesters I have maintained a high GPA and I’ve also kept a very happy baby.  I’m so close to making it, so close I can taste it, which makes me proud.

On another note, all this talk of school, has got me thinking about River’s schooling, and how I want her to have the best. I never thought homeschooling or some sort of co-op situation would be right for us, but the older she gets, and the more I learn about it, the more appealing it sounds. This morning I dusted off some vintage coloring books that also teaches kids their numbers, and within five minutes she learned the number two! I’ve also been running into some moms who started a co-op and were so excited about the possibility of us joining. Unfortunately, with everything up in the air, and one too many transitions, the time is off. But I want to strictly dedicate a hour a day maybe twice a week, teaching River Mae things in these old school books. Before I know it, she will be five, and pre-k will be right around the corner. Does anyone have any recommendations on teaching a almost 2 year old?  Books, lessons and so on?

Enjoy your Saturday!

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