Over the weekend

This weekend was the first weekend we’ve had as a family without plans and obligations. Most times when I know we have a whole weekend together, I like to plan some weekend chores and visits that are especially needed, but also fun. It felt good not having that this time around. 
“Do not feed ME” bib. He sure did spend the afternoon sniffing for crumbs. 

We both have been working like crazy with our companies, and with me working part-time outside of my own company. It was time to lay low and be a tad-bit lazy for once. It’s always good to lose all sense of responsibility from time to time.   
River and I attended a friends BBQ without Peter for a bit on Saturday. It was great to just get out for a couple of hours, and even better because our friends live right around the corner. River Mae is in-love with their backyard. But I do believe their little red lawn chair is her favorite. Isn’t it the cutest? 

 Sadly, that same little red lawn chair was the cause of a nasty spill that left me jetting out of their backyard with five inch wedges, with my bleeding baby wrapped up tightly in my arms.  River was kindly sharing the little red chair with a older child, and when she went to sit on the foot stool of the chair, she took a face plant onto the concrete. My heart broke into pieces. Mainly because I watched my baby fall, and I was too far to stop her.. to prevent her pain. By the time I ran to her, the damage was done, she was bleeding, whaling, and in pain. We ran to the bathroom and washed her innocent little face, and as she helped me hold the cold paper towel to her swollen lip and cheek, a sense of calm came over me. Her cries stopped, she felt safe again in her mamas arms. I hate the feeling of watching her in so much pain, but I love the feeling of being the one she trusts to take her pain away. I want to be that for her, always.

She is doing fine now, and healed quickly with cuddles, hugs, kisses, and lots of snacks. 


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