I’ll be your tour guide

There are many great things I’ve found through blogging. One in which is an outlet to let out the rambling thoughts that roll into my mind, another is making new friends, and lastly, meeting these new friends. It’s not often that I get the chance to have just a girls days without worrying about naps, feedings, and strollers. So when Drea said she would be coming up north to Massachusetts for a little bit, we jumped all over the girls day in NYC idea.
 Drea and her friend Katie came to see and conquer NYC in a day and enlisted yours truly as their tour guide. We set a time of meet up under the big clock in Grand Central Station at 12:40 pm and hugged and said our goodbyes at 11:40pm that same day. The day was full of fun, sharing, some toddler talk, dreams of adventures, and all the good stuff that comes with coming face to face with people you have grown to really like over the past couple of months. 
This morning my cheeks are sore from laughing, my feet hurt from all the walking, and my voice is a bit horse from talking so much. All evidence of the amount of awesome that took place yesterday. 

We ended the night off with drinks at a rooftop bar, and vegan pizza at the place I met my husband three years ago. Come again my friends. 

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