A visit to LuLu’s with the little boo boo

On a hot, sticky, and sweaty New York City afternoon, I decided to bag up some lightly-loved clothes of River Mae’s and trek it to my “secret” shop. I should really stop calling it a “secret” because every time River gets a compliment on something I purchased at LuLu’s, I sing their praises. After singing their praises, the conversations usually ends in me literally dragging each innocent inquisitor to my “secret” shop. Sometimes, i’m such a vintage pusher guys. Upon entering LuLu’s I always feel giddy, and River always feels the need to be one of “those” kids. You know, the toddler who pulls on ev-ery-thing, and play shops with things mommy can’t afford to replace. Yeah, thanks vintage cash register; you can stop sitting there and taunting my toddler with all your gritty and bright cuteness!  
On hot, sticky, and sweaty days, LuLu’s is a reminder of why I won’t run away from New York and it’s unbearable summers. I have a weird attachment to my not so secret store, and I find it pretty darn sweet. 

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