A wee kitchen will do

Hi guys! How was your weekend and Monday? I mostly spent this weekend celebrating my birthday, and I should say that this was the best birthday I’ve had. I always tend to “have something” on my birthday- mostly because I love an excuse to host a party. But this year I just wanted to celebrate relaxation, real friends, and a loving family. Peter and River Mae took me out to lunch Saturday and before that, they both slept in while I snuck off for a mani and pedi. 🙂 Right after lunch I met up with my family who then took me out to dinner! On Sunday, I went to brunch and exchanged birthday gifts with my best friend. I’m sure the people sitting next to us, thought we were annoying, because there wasn’t much silence between constant giggles, fashion comparisons and “women talk”.  I rounded out the day with a four hour trip at the spa and then a night out with my girls. It was spectacular. I truly couldn’t of wished to have spent it any other way.
In the midst of my birthday madness, I looked at my email and got a daily does of Freecycle goodness in my inbox. Some sweet lady in Park Slope was giving away a well-loved wood play kitchen, and I found my self all giddy with mama excitement. Without hesitation I rushed and made arrangements to get the bad boy home, and I’m so happy I did (I swear, trying to beat out other people on a good deal is such a adrenaline rush!). Of course, I could’ve went to Ikea and purchased a play kitchen, but the thought of making something a bit junkie into something much more personal just gets to me. As I was searching for vintage contact paper to line the walls of the oven and cabinet, I stumbled upon some beautiful DIY kitchen’s. These photos are inspiring, and I’m sure their kids are loving these fun and vintage inspired kitchens!
The well-loved kitchen is already a big hit with River. It makes me wonder, how much will she love it when I’m done? 🙂
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