We braved Ikea

Over the weekend we braved Ikea.  I really don’t know what I was thinking when I thought Ikea would be the best place to bring a toddler on a rainy day. A Saturday for that matter! Yeah, not one of my best ideas. Anyway, we did have a lot of fun, and I did have help from some sweet friends. You know you’re in good company when these friends offer to pay for your cart full of “I can’t leave until I get these” Ikea goods to save you from a melt down. A meltdown that was caused by a bank card that decided not to work, because my husband was away and apparently frequently using the card.  It’s funny how the world seems like it’s falling to pieces once your husband isn’t around for you to blame the drama on  to help calm you down in those out of your hands type of moments. The card eventually worked, but I could’ve done without that extra level of excitment. Peter just came home, and I’m currently overhearing he and River giggle in the living room about toes, and noses. I think I might join them. I’m happy to have my husband back.

Happy Monday!

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