Hey strangers!

This is  River in the bath tonight, and she sure could stay in there until she is all soggy and prune like. There is always a tantrum upon exiting, and even though it can be a pain at times, I do love me a clean baby.
Hey strangers! How was your fourth of July? We laid low over here, well, we laid low until our neighbors had some serious firework action for about 15 minutes. Wine, beer, and fireworks on my stoop, while my toddler stayed sound asleep in her room (no worries, she was in a crib, the doors were open, and I had a baby monitor ) sounds like an excellent July 4th to me. I got back at 12:30 am and road the bus back home with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of my cousins! It was a strange (strange being the skeptical people who also road with us), and fun unplanned event. The whole ride home River received a check-in from my two cousins in a row ahead of us, and some extra ” You are so adorable” comments, which of course she loved. I  truly love being around my family. Most of us have kids, and our own little families, and it’s awesome to catch up and compare who’s baby has the stinkiest diaper, and who’s wee one likes to climb in the refrigerator at least once a day (eh hem). 

I have another guest post tomorrow, and next week I have a Etsy wishlist, What Mama wears (I love doing those), and a peek into River’s picky diet, among some other fun posts! I’m so happy to be back, can’t you tell?

psstt…….check me out on Buffalo Exchange Fashion blog, Brooklynites are a fashionable bunch. 

For those of you who have been asking, my name is  @latonyayvette on Instagram

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