Etsy styling for Me and the little Wee

I have always been a big fan of wedges, but I feel I’ve grown to love them more in the past year or two. Mostly because with River, it’s practically impossible to wear heals while out and about. Okay, okay, borderline dangerous and out right silly. Believe me, I’ve tried. ha!  So they’re pretty much the only way to get around that little snafu. Also, I’ve been pretty obsessed with Minnetonka moccasins lately too! River doesn’t have a pair yet, but when I go read Bleubird blog every morning and see little Gemma in a pair, I literally want to jump up and buy them.

If you have a pair how do you like them?

Me: 1. Boho dress 3. Wedges
Little Wee :    2.Floral dress/top   4. Straw purse  5. Minnetonka Moccasins

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