Birthday’s and Friday

Welp, here I am, getting ready to celebrate another year on this here earth. I’ll be 23 on Sunday, and when I actually think about the fact that I’m only 23 and I have a husband, toddler, apartment-that I take darn good care of, and my own little company, I sort of get a weird little twitch in my eye and a bit jittery in my fingertips. I feel so lucky that I get to do these things and so honored to wear those hats. I’m pretty sure the twitch in my eye and the funny jitters in my fingertips are just a mix of shock and sweet satisfaction.  This past Thursday I had to leave River with Peter so I could finish a closet cleanse and wardrobe styling for my business. When I was done with the job, I got a call from Peter saying to stay out as long as my heart desired, and within that conversation I also received freedom to use money (that had already been set aside without my knowledge) to get whatever I wanted as a early birthday present surprise. Imagine the utter shock, and happiness that glazed over my body as it was only 12pm and I didn’t have to rush home to make sure River went down for a full nap, or think about what I was going to cook for dinner that night. It was already done and done by my sweet husband. Days like Thursday not only make me feel special, but makes me really appreciate that man of mine and this life of mine. Yes, it’s my birthday, and yes, most of us expect nice things on our birthday. But I didn’t. All I wanted was to finally use my gift card to a swanky spa in Tribeca, and to hit da clubs with the girls this Sunday. 😉  Anyway, here’s to another humorous, happy, and most importantly healthy year. 22 you kicked some serious butt, and 23… Welcome!

P.S If you are wondering; I used my birthday surprise to go thrifting.  Of course. Best day ever. 

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