Date night fashion

Date nights are usually hard to come by. Having separate careers, and raising a toddler just doesn’t make it any easier. By the time 9pm hits (our usual date night time), going out and getting all dressed up, just to come home a mess does not sound appealing to me.  A couple of weeks ago, I decided to hang up my excuses, and turn late night meetings for us both, into a spur the moment date.

I’ve always been a fan of shorts and tights, you can see some looks here, here, and here, but never felt like this mama could get away with it. I just don’t think I’ve gotten quite used to the curvier figure I was given by River. But, when a surprise Mother’s Day gift was dropped off on my stoop by my generous sister, I had no choice but to throw away my insecurities. I surprisingly felt comfortable, and dare I say sexy(?) eh hem


What do you guys think of pairing shorts and tights?  Yay or nay? 

The look I gave at 12am, when I was reminded that I have to wake up at 7am to play with my rambunctious toddler. 
I am wearing:
1. A vintage top
2. Joe Fresh shorts
3. A vintage purse
4. J.Crew belt
5. House of Holland suspender tights
6. Vintage clip on earrings
7. YSL lip stain
*Note- Please excuse me if this post is lacking enthusiasm, depth, or anything else, I just received word that my great grandmother has passed away unexpectedly. I’ll be traveling this weekend, and I will have a lovely guest post up next week. Please send good thoughts our way…we could use them. 🙂 

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