Bits + Pieces

1. Hat wearing at a farm wedding
2. After the rain window view
3. My favorite sandals with some rare sights of nature
4. A crab feast! 
5. A found toy
6. A dosing off husband
Today I will be spending the day settling in from our vacation, and trying to get a certain little one back on schedule (wish me luck). River is so in-love with her Maw Maw, Paw Paw, Mi Ma, and Pop Pop! At one point I found myself staring at four generations (Pop Pop, Peter’s dad, Peter, and River Mae)  and couldn’t help but be so proud of how far this country and it’s people have come in acceptance and love. To see his Pop pop love me and his great granddaughter immensely, as if interracial relationships weren’t looked down upon and unaccepted in his time, is astonishing to say the least. I am so thankful for their love, and for the unconditional love of Peter’s whole family (they’re a big bunch). It sure is nice to know River is loved beyond my comprehension.

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