Yay or Nay?

Almost a year ago, Peter and I sent a few photos of River to a top modeling agency. We had no expectations, just thought she was the most beautiful baby, and had to be in the “movies”. What parent doesn’t? To our surprise, we received a response and were quickly booked for an open call. The open call was only open to pre-selected kids(?) Yeah, I was confused too. After the appointment,  I left feeling great. I thought; how could they not want her? Two weeks later, we received a regretful yet sweet email saying they chose to pass on River and we should try in six months, as the market is always changing. After that, I swore off modeling agencies. Or, at least I thought I did. 
Then Wednesday morning roles around. We’re on our way to a sing along and Peter snaps these IPhone photos. Immediately my mind starts racing with questions, weighing the pros and the cons of River possibly modeling. Should I send her photos back out to more agencies? She’s so comfortable in front of Peter’s camera. Any camera for that matter!  Almost immediately at the sight of a camera a smile appears, then a giggle, then a little dance we like to call the “grandma” dance. We even have to go to the extent of pre-meditating a plan of action to put the camera away. Yes, she isn’t too keen on the camera going bye bye. Heck, even if an agency chooses not to sign her, she wouldn’t know. So am I just protecting myself? That would explain a lot. 
The phrase “You only live once” totally applies. Ha! Isn’t it funny how we find phrases, just for confirmation? If I chose not to, I’m sure the phrase would be different. 
For now I’m content with the fact that she loves being photographed.

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