Prospect Park

Living in New York City definitely has its ups and downs. Sometimes, I feel swallowed up… a number amongst many. Then there are days like Sunday. Sunday, reminded me why I love New York City. Better yet, why I love New York City and the people within it. 

That’s three generations sitting there!
Sunday morning, I found myself hungry, and ready to explore. Ha, mostly hungry! We usually wake up with no direction in particular. And I like that about us. We don’t plan. We just pack, get dressed, and explore. I don’t feel like I could do that anywhere else but NYC. There’s so much to see and do. Even if we’ve been to a certain place often. I can always count on the people being different and the place feeling different. 
We extended the invite of exploration to my mom, and she happily obliged. With a destination of Prospect Park, a day of relaxation was quickly underway. 

It was beautiful! Ah, I seem to say that a lot. I guess that’s a good thing? When New York City gets rough, it really gets rough. For instance, I spent Wednesday and Thursday caring for a molar teething toddler, and studying for not one but two finals. Well, that’s not necessarily New York City’s fault, but you get my drift. So, I truly look forward to these days. There is nothing that compares to  laying on a comfy blanket, snacking, and talking with the ones you love the most.

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