Have you ever had one of those moments when you completely forget that you have a child? I had one yesterday. It was terrifying, and surreal all at the same time.
We were on a late afternoon play date, with a mama friend and two other toddlers. As the kids kept each other company, playing and using plastic toys as phones, I found myself engrossed in our conversation. The clatter of the toys, and playful screams (a.k.a talking) became background noise. Well, that was until I noticed two squinty eyes peek up slowly behind the arm of my friends couch. For a moment…just, for a moment my mind misplaced that little person. I forgot that I was her mother. As I stared at her briefly (it felt like a long time), I thought wow! I am a mother. I am her mother. She’s sweet, loving, gentle, and smart. In that very moment, I felt so lucky. It was like seeing her for the first time almost 16 months ago.
I love you sweet River Mae.

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