Memorial Day!

                                            Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I want to send my love and prayers to the families of the men and women who have lost their lives in war. These men and women gave more than I could ever anticipate or imagine. We love you. Thank you!

Saturday my little family went to a birthday picnic for a sweet one year old. It was good to attend a birthday party that was fun and relaxing. It was about six or so adults and just Elliot (birthday boy) and River Mae. The kids found their own way to have fun, and that in itself was a relief.

Currently I’m dreaming of the moist and mouth watering coconut cupcakes my friend Guin made for the party. Mmmm.

Goodness, if this is just a taste of what summer is, then I will most certainly be four pounds heavier, and four times happier. That’s okay!

Off to a morning run. Though, still dreaming of cupcakes. Let’s hope we don’t accidentally find ourselves at a bakery by the end of the run. For real.

Note: I’ve been saying “That’s okay” more often. It’s due to the many transition in my life right now. Ya’ know what? That’s okay!

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