Habana Outpost


A couple of weeks ago, after spending what felt like the entire day running errands in the April showers, River and I had an impromptu visit to Habana Outpost. I personally feel, Habana is THE best place to grab a bite of Mexican food in Brooklyn.
When we arrived, I couldn’t help but be so thankful for how toddler friendly it was. The bright flower pots surrounding the gates that enclosed the garden screamed toddler, the miniature picnic table and chairs, a old school quarter ride on toy, and the fountain. Oh that fountain! It stole River’s attention most of the time. When we are just alone I rarely get to sit down to enjoy a good meal, so saying that I took my time to indulge might be an understatement. I was ecstatic to see her so happy. The amount of excitement could easily be matched to a theme park visit. For real.
 She doesn’t have any clue how happy she makes me.

A certain someone had fun playing splashies in the fountain. 

 Despite the very dreary weather River Mae and I still continue to celebrate spring. I find that I consciously dress us brighter the worse the weather is. Hmm, so if this nasty weather keeps up, we might be the ones giving you a headache as we pass you on the sidewalk. Don’t blame me, blame the weather. 

Last time we were here, Miss Mae was a infant. I clearly remember myself watching other Habana diners enjoy and converse over meals. I watched in envy as Peter and I were rushing to scarf down fish tacos in the car before she woke up for nursies. How romantic it is to be new parents.

Brooklyn, we love you.

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