Gone Thrifting

It’s been really gloomy and rainy around here. Usually on gloomy and rainy days like yesterday, I try to do whatever I can not stay in our apartment. I find that if I do end up staying in on a rainy day, when 5 o’clock comes rolling around I feel bummed and unaccomplished. Though, taking care of a baby, cleaning, and writing is usually an accomplisment. Hmph my brain doesn’t seem to get that concept. 
So, when that feeling came a knockin’ yesterday… out we went. 

I absolutely love the feeling of finding a gem in a pile of dust. It’s an indescribable rush, that I look forward to.

In comparison to most vintage lovers I know, I always try to find something beautiful, but most importantly inexpensive. Let’s be honest, that’s the only way that husband of mine wouldn’t complain about my hobby.

I originally went out in search of some vintage fabric for a sweet gift. I ended up purchasing beautiful vintage fabric, that can be used for two purposes! I will post it once it gets to the beautiful recipient. I also ended up purchasing a hand crocheted large table cloth, which I laid over our couch to give it layers, and cover up those pesky child stains. I’m excited to blog about that too.

Good Day!

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