A welcome of sorts

Well hello there! Ugh, that sounds creepy.

Maybe I should be honest, not really sure how to say hello to an endless world. I don’t know how many or if anyone will read this little blog of mine. So I guess I’ll just keep it simple…Hi, whoever you are!

My name is LaTonya and this here is my little corner of the web. I did have a tumblr some months ago, that hosted most of my ramblings, but I have to agree with my friend Lauren, as I never felt “cool enough”.  Can you blame me?  Fun to me, is watching River run with excitement back and forth at the site of a new book, or driving with no direction in mind with that sweet husband of mine.
As I found my self, cyber stalking some of my favorite mommy bloggers here on blogger it was definitely time to make the not so big move. Not like I had a ton of followers on tumblr (I didn’t say this three months ago, when I jumped for joy at the site of a whole 7 followers!). Well here we are.

                                                   River is now almost 16 months.
She’s a pretty sweet toddler, but she does have her moments. 

It could be teething, it could be growth, heck, it could be me. Yes I’m the type of mom that likes to blame behavior on outside circumstances. It makes me feel better. Don’t we all?  All that I am certain about is that she’s a growing, loving little person. My little person. I love her so. 

I will do my best to stick to it, and update this cool new thing daily. It will be full of adventures, ups, and the inevitable downs.
You are more than welcome to follow along!
LaTonya Yvette

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