A sweet Mother’s Day indeed

Sunday morning I woke up with child like excitement for the day ahead. For a moment, it felt like I was 10 all over again, and Santa was gracious enough to visit my home, with tons of gifts in tow. I’d like to say, after that moment on Sunday it felt better than being 10. This time I’m 22. This time at 9 am I was greeted by 72-degree weather. This time, I turned over to a few kisses, and glazed blue eyes, sweetly reminding me that this time, it was my day. 
Though, my sweet husband considered Sunday my day, I held little expectations. I had literally begged for a mouth watering Belgian Waffle for so long, that he booked our reservation to Juliette weeks in advance. That’s all I wanted. Perhaps, that’s all I said I wanted. I did hope for some well-deserved sleep in time, and some off duty diaper duty time. 
So, polka dot dress, new oxfords (a mother’s day gift from my mommy!), pink lips and all I was ready for whatever little surprise he had up his sleeve!
He was serious. I was off mommy duty for the day.  If I even attempted to overly tend to that teething toddler of ours, Peter was right there to remind me of his morning promise. Other than a handful of times I’ve never seen him so nervous. At brunch his hand was literally shaking. Shaking! It was like we were dating all over again, and he wanted everything to be perfect. It was. 
After brunch, we headed to the park where we took pictures, and wished a happy mother’s day to a mama friend while River was napping in the Ergo. We ate, browsed, ate again, browsed, strolled, and ate some more, then decided we both were too stuffed to attempt to do anything else but drive home.
We were all slowly food crashing at this point.
Toddler down, Toddler down! Food crash is in full affect. 
That night, I went to go visit my own mommy, and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. We enjoyed cake (like I needed to eat again), good music, and laughter. I can’t forget to mention shouts of “HAPPY MOTTERS DAY TI TI!” from my sweet nephew Seon. 
A day innocently greeted with no expectations was easily filled with love, and fun. 
Happy Monday, and a Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you Mamas!

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